Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Clean Beach

Its nice to have the inside connection when you living in a place.  We took Marshall's boat offshore on a 45 minute ride to a nice little secret spot.  The swell was slightly blown out early in the morning, but through out the day it began to clean up and build ever so slightly.  Either way surfing a break with just you and a couple good friends couldn't get any better. OK, Well heavy hallow barrels would be one step up...

Monday, April 14, 2014


Not much to explain here. Obviously life is pretty good. The waves were not huge today, but it was still plenty of fun being on a break with no one around.  Feels like your the only person in the world. I love some of the lifestyle shots below. 

This is just how cool I look when I eat it coming over the top of a wave.  Notice Christian filming in the wave. 

Dolphin Boy

I'm all about a little romance and trying to sweet talk my girl, but this guy went over the top.  He must have really screwed up here in Bocas with a bunch of other women and was trying to make it up to his girl.  A private dinner overlooking a point break. Come on man, really?  Your making all of us look so bad.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paunch Out

The swell has dropped some but the waves are still here.  Christian and I hit up a few breaks this morning and I had them all to myself.  Well minus a couple in surf school.  Learning to surf on a shallow reef break, good or bad idea?  

The first wave the chick caught the board came back and slammed her in the jaw.  She was able to paddle back out through the whitewater though and sat on the outside for a bit.  Her second waves was a little different.  She went over the top and got crushed by the wave. Doggy paddling around trying to get her board set after set rolled in and slammed her up onto the reef.  Out of no where her knight in shining armor, Christian, shows up to pull her off the dry reef.  She was a bit shaken but he was able to pull her back out through the sets and to the outside once again.  Pretty sure that was her last wave of the day. 

In the meantime Susan was at the boat designing a jail for a city client.  She also made some bomb brownies and was kind enough to clean up the boat after two messy guys. So Christian and Susan both get an extra point today!  This extra point can be used any day to commence drinking before 5 pm! Now that is a sweet deal. Lucky bastards..